Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Snipers Best Performer

It's a cold, windy, rainy night and it's my birthday!  Had a nice day ending with a kidless dinner!  Last Sunday was a busy day.  First we went to synagogue.  It was my second time in the building since covid.  The other being Aden's Bar Mitzvah.  They invited the parents of the 4th graders to come and watch a show the kids were putting on.  Ariel and Dori started cheering immediately.  
The kids acted out a bar mitzvah and a wedding for their life cycles class.  Ariel gave a quick speech.

Wedding time!  Ariel just basically held up the chupa.  

The rest of the Hebrew School came in for a little service.  It was very nice.  
Eva and the twins were there.  
The 4th graders.  Great job!
Then Ariel had her last cheer competition of the season.  It was called The Llama and it was done virtually from our gym.  I did Ariel's hair again!
A bunch of teams went at the same time.  
There's Coach Serina ready to call them out.  
They did a great job!

So we weren't allowed to post the routine before this competition.  I'm now going to post here the Wildwood Comp and 2 different angles of this comp.  

We watched from the stairs.  
Then they had awards for all the teams.  

There were 5 awards for each team and amazingly, almost all of them went to girls from Ariel's Indians team that also compete with Airborne.  That says a lot about Coach Lynde!

Ariel - Best Performer!
Thanks for a great season Coach Serina!

Back to the house, we made dinner.  
Hey Honey!
Even Mickey Mouse loves Honey.  
They were supposed to do something they didn't want to do and they all put fingers on their noses , the last one having to do it.  We used to do that too.  So funny.  


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