Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Airborne Season 7

It's Wednesday night.  I went a little crazy cooking.  Now I need to go to sleep.  Last Monday, we had a friend on the way to school.  
The leaves are magically gone!
Eli is lightning fast with the Magna Tiles.  
I smoked some wings.  
It was time for Ariel's for Airborne practice.  She's on a Level 2 team.  The Majors.  We were both nervous.  First, she tried on new shoes.  
Then girls she knows on the team showed up.  

Let's go!  Coach Steve and his wife and sometimes Serina are her coaches.  

There are older girls on the team which Ariel loved.  She's felt way more secure flying.  

Eli was back at it.  Making a new haunted house.  
Last Tuesday was election day.  The kids were out of school.  Noah went to an art camp and had some friends there.

He's made so much art.  He wants to open a gallery!
Amy and I went to vote and we took Eli.  What happened to the machines?  We had to fill in circles!

Piano and guitar.  

Back to the haunted house.  

Eli and Mickey.
We watched election coverage.  Dr. Oz's campaign headquarters was at my gym!
Wednesday morning.  Back to school.  
Cleaning up after the Dr. Oz loss.  
Ariel help make french toast.  
A hurricane hit Florida!
Eli got creative in our shower.  


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