Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The World Series

Last Tuesday was a pretty monumental day for Aden.  His first cast!  He broke his finger at that last flag game.  We had a hard time finding him an orthopedist but finally got one at St. Christophers.  He was splinted but I think the doctor thought it was safer to cast it so he didn't play with it.  It would heal that much faster.  4 weeks.  

He was pretty miserable about the whole thing.  
Gwen came to give him hugs.  Mark went to get his favorite food at Grandma's Grotto.  That was sweet.  

There's Honey out there.
I don't have any pics from Wednesday.  I actually ran to the Apple Store at Willow Grove because the camera on my phone wasn't working.  They replaced the camera for free while I waited. On Thursday, Ariel had her private with Serina. 

She got her front walkover roundoff back handspring!

They actually have a bracelet for that.  

Later that night, Aden and I went into the City for game 5 of the World Series!
This was the line to get into a bar across the from the stadium.  
It was crazy there!

He got some barbecue.  I got food from Federal Donuts.  
Excited for a great night!
The crowd was very into it.  

The Eagles were playing at the same time.  We watched on our phones and they actually gave updates on the big screen.

It was a close game.  We stayed till the end but we we lost.  We didn't get out of there until midnight.  We weren't home till around 1.  
The Eagles won though to go 8-0.


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