Sunday, November 6, 2022

Broken Finger

It's Sunday night.  Today was the end of Daylight Saving Time.  We technically got the extra hour of sleep but the twins were up at 5:30 rather than 6:30.  It was a beautiful, warm weekend but a bit of a downer in the cheer world but more on that later.  

Last Saturday, Aden had a flag football playoff game.  
It was the second playoff game.  If they won, they would play another game the next week.  
Not only did they not win but Aden hurt his finger really bad trying to grab a flag.  He had to push it back in place and it hurt a lot.  
What a way to possibly end Aden's flag career.  I believe he will be too old next year.  We both had a lot of fun over the years.  
We stopped in Yardley to pick up some barbecue.  
That afternoon, Amy and Aden spent more than 3 hours at the St. Mary's emergency room.  They were not going to be seen anytime soon, so they left and went to an urgent care and waited 2 hours there.  The ring finger on his right hand is broken.  His first broken bone.  I took the twins about an hour away to Quakertown to Ariel's cheer game.  
About half the girls were there.  

Coach Lynde's hair was glowing!

They kneel when a player gets hurt.  
There's my girl.

Ariel was flying!

Snack time.

Then some more flying.

It was fun but we needed to go.  
Long ride home.  
The trees were pretty.

We had to get home to get over to the high school to see the play, the Adams Family.  Melissa and a bunch of others sat with us.  

The show was cute.


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