Tuesday, November 8, 2022


It's Tuesday night.  I need some ideas for what to play on the guitar.  I'm out.  Back to last Monday.  Halloween!  Once in a while, Aden's school starts and hour late.  It's a nightmare driving in because everyone drives.  It took me almost 45 minutes to drive there instead of the usual 5!
The parade at the elementary school.  

Noah came by first.  
I mean Mario.
Eli did not want to smile. 
Ariel is always good for a smile.
I love me some milk and cookies.  
Amy ran the party in Noah's class.

This was Ariel's party.

What a beautiful day.  

Eli had been building his haunted house for ages.  The problem was, most of the kids in the neighborhood scattered this year so there weren't a lot of customers.  We got who we could.  He wanted to give a video tour to show his class.  

Poor guy was looking for someone to come in.  
Some neighbors came.  

We did a little trick or treating.  Aden and Ariel and their friends were in different neighborhoods so it was really quiet.  

After a few houses it started raining pretty hard so we went home.  
A few more neighbors came by.  

Some scary closeups.  

A treat for the end.  

It was still a fun night.  
The Phillies World Series game got rained out!


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