Monday, November 7, 2022

Smoked Baked Beans

It's Monday night.  Ariel just had her first Airborne practice with the Majors.  She loved it.  I'm so happy.  She's not with most of her friends but she has a couple and she loves the coaches.  She was even peer pressured into a round off back handspring back handspring.  Her first!

Back to last Sunday.  We got up in the frost for an 8am soccer tournament.  We played 2 games.  If we won them both, we played a third.  (no way that was happening). It was early and cold but we played well the first game.  

We had our first goal of the whole season!
Enjoying yourself Eli?

We had an hour break so we sat in the car.  The twins played video games.  
Time for game 2.  

Good game guys!
It was actually a pretty successful season!
While we were there, they blessed the animals at synagogue.  Honey is very blessed!
Hi aunt Amy.
We stopped to get the boys some toys to celebrate the season.  

This was interesting.  
The fireman asked us if there was a way to get into the woods as there was a fire!  They got it out quickly.  
It was Dave's birthday, so I met them at a bar for a little while.  
We watched the Eagles beat the Stealers to go 7-0!
I smoked 3 things all day.  Rotisserie chicken, pork belly burnt ends and totally awesome baked beans.  

The master smoker in action.  Lol.

Soon Aden will be taller than all of us!
Everyone checked out the haunted house.  

Gwen loved it!
Finishing touches.  
Dinner is served!
Everyone seemed happy.  

Ariel spent the day with Fiona.  She was so excited.  
What a long, busy day.  


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