Friday, November 4, 2022

We Are the Majors!

Happy Friday!

Last Friday, I admired the trees.  
Aden had quick flag practice after school.
Then we went to see some high school football!  Last year, I went to almost every Council Rock South game with Ariel to see Dani and the other cheerleaders we knew.  This year, we hadn't gone at all.  It was the last game and a big game, North vs. South and it was a white out.  We want Aden to do these things so we went.  
It was fun, we should have gone to more.  

Don't know the cheerleaders this year.  
Aden is in there somewhere.  
The twins were busy when we got back.  
They are both so creative.
Ariel practiced her stretching.  
And she found out her Airborne team!  She moved up to Level 2 Majors!
That night we watched game 1 of the World Series.  
The Phillies beat Houston!  Have a great weekend!


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