Monday, November 21, 2022

Matching PJs

It's Monday night.  Ariel had choreography at Airborne.  The first of 2 three hour practices.  I was nervous for her but she said it went well.  Back to last weekend.  Ariel was back with her camp friends.  So sweet!
They went to Target.  
And of course bought matching outfits.  

Which they had to model.  
Who dares me to order one of these?

Sunday morning, the parents had to go to Hebrew School again.  Why won't they let us sleep?  This time, the fifth graders had their Hebrew name presentations.  Seems like yesterday Aden did this.  

Here goes our girl.  

Great job baby!
Of course we stayed for services.  
Then I took the kids to lunch.  
Then we met Todd and the boys at Bowlero.  

Some expensive video games of course.  

Funny coincidence.  A friend of mine I haven't seen in years was having her son's bar mitzvah party there.  So we joined in!
I was even called up to light a candle with the mom's other friends!
Eli went to order a soft pretzel.  I should have questioned why he asked me for $25.
Yes, $25.  Well, it was huge!
Eli later drew out his theme park plan.  We just need some tools!


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