Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Smoked Apples

It's Tuesday night.  Have to start prepping the turkey for Thanksgiving!  The kids are off until Monday now.  Wish us luck!

Last Monday, Eli climbed a mountain.  
Ariel had what will probably be her last Indians practice for this Junior Peewee Team.  It's kind of sad.  
She could only stay a short while.  Then I took her and Faith to Airborne.  
Eli's Halloween madness still hadn't ended.  
Last Tuesday, Ariel did some tumbling.  
In front of Aden.  

She always needs to dance.  
Good stretching baby.  
Last Wednesday, Eli and Noah did some intricate coloring. 
Honey and her family came over.
There she is!

I made short ribs and mashed potatoes.  
Then I made a special dessert.  I cored out Apples and filled them with caramel, butter, cinnamon and the candied pecans I had made that morning then smoked them for an hour.  Dave and Juliet came over.  Dave, Aden and I loved them.  The girls not so much.  

Ariel and Juliet went a little crazy.  

It was a fun, busy Wednesday night.  


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