Thursday, December 27, 2007

More babies

Amy and I had planned to go to NY today to shop and maybe see a show but we were lazy and decided not to go. Probably a good decision. The weather wasn't so great. Maybe we will try again this weekend. So, she slept and I went to work. It was slow at work. No too many pool chemicals being sold Christmas week. Amy and her mom returned the Volvo. She was cleaning it out and noticed a rip in the seat. Oops. Can't wait to see that bill. I went to Amy's house after work and somehow Amy had volunteered me to make dinner for her family. I made ziti and meat sauce and sauteed spinach. Came out well. Amy and I then went to my aunt's house to see the babies again. Probably the last time this visit we will see Larry and Jessica before they go back to LA.

Here are the dad's Leo and Larry.

Me with Gen.

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