Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Party!

Saturday was another relaxing day at the beach.

We had to leave early so Amy could get her hair blown out. Then we did a little shopping. Amy finally got to wear her red dress from the Four Seasons Maui. My parents threw a big party for everyone on the private island.

We took a boat over to the island.

Fran, Joan and Valerie

Jen and Katie

The island was set up beautifully. Actually, it was set up for twice. It was red and white then there came a quick storm so they had to change everything.

The line for the food, which was excellent.

The limbo guy.

A shot of some of the people. I won't bore you with all the table shots.

The party was great and everyone had fun but of course it wasn't enough. A group of us went to a local bar. It was full of young Arubans salsa dancing.

Frank and Theresa.

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