Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Secret Wedding

Well, by request of the newlyweds, there is a media blackout on the wedding, so no pics. They are on a cruise for two weeks so we will see if that changes when they get back. We drove up Friday at 3. I picked Amy up from school. The kids all yelled out my name when I walked in. Cute. Everyone was predicting the worst but we made it to the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale in 2 1/2 hours, with plenty of time to rest before the rehearsal dinner. I forgot my slacks and figured khakis would be ok. The guys were in suits. Oops. We met Rachel's home and college friends. A great group of girls. The families were warm and friendly also. Everyone got up and roasted the couple. It was very funny. Saturday Amy and I went to the Roosevelt Field Mall nearby. What an awesome place. So nice. Amy got her makeup done and we ate at the Grand Luxe Cafe. Back at the hotel, Amy got her hair and nails done and I hung out with the guys in the sauna. We went to the Temple at 5:30. It was sweet when Jason and Rachel saw each other for the first time. The whole night was great. We danced the whole time. The band was amazing. When the moratorium gets lifted, I will give more details.

Driving back Sunday took only hours. We went right my aunt's house. My cousins were in from LA with baby Noah. My aunt had a big crowd when we go there. My cousin Eric was in from Boston. Here is his buddy Parker.


Me and Kim.

The happy family.

The Matzah Ball! We haven't been around Christmas time in years so of course we had to go to the Matzah Ball. It was packed and surprisingly, we both knew a ton of people. The music was great and we even danced. Melanie and Greg had a table so we had a place to rest when needed.

Amy opened the door into a SEPTA bus. Oops.

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