Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Arrival Day

It's late so I will be brief. My parents took 229 customers to Aruba to thank them for their business. It wasn't too bad getting up at 5 and leaving at 6. The flight was about 4 hours. It was fun because most of the plane was our group.

My seat mates Frank and Theresa.

It was pouring when we landed.

The hotel was close to the airport. We got there by 2. It was still pouring, the streets were flooded. So humid an hot also. Here is the rain from the lobby.

It cleared up pretty fast. The hotel is on the water but right in town.

The Adventure of the Seas. Currently the biggest boat in the world.

There is a high end mall in the hotel which leads into the town's main square.

The hotel has a private island. The boat to the island leaves from inside the lobby!

Another mall across the street.

The hotel.

Our 81 year old salesman and his wife. Cute.

Nice shot.

My family eating at a steak house. You can see the Adventure of the Seas leaving through the window.


Our party was coming in from 5 different locations around the country. We hung out in the lobby most of the day to welcome the people as they came. Now everyone is here except Amy who is coming Thursday.