Sunday, December 2, 2007

The National Swimming Pool Convention

Dad and I flew to Orlando on Monday. We met everyone else, 10 of us in all, at the hotel on International Drive between Disney and Universal. I hadn't been on International Drive before. It was crazy. Tons of hotels, restaurants, shops and mini-amusement parks. The first night, we ate at Maggianos across from the hotel. We ate family style and had way too much food.

We then had a pretty intense match of mini-golf.

The next morning we had a sales meeting, then went to the convention center to set up the booth. Saw this on the way. I have no idea.

We were finished at 1 and had dinner reservations at 6. I wondered if it would be worth it to go to Universal Studios. I decided to go for it and cabbed over. It was empty! I paid $85 for both parks, Universal and Islands of Adventure. I ran around and went on almost every ride! I liked Terminator the best. Shrek was pretty cool too.

Jurrasic Park. I got soaked!

Dr. Suess Land

Waiting for the shuttle to the convention center.

How do like our uniforms? The booth is about 5 years old and is due for an update. YOu can see many of our private label bottles.

Getting ready for action.

I love the names of these things. They are used to pump the concrete to make pools.

Some of the cool things I saw. Look at the size of this spa. Most have built in tv's now!

One of our customers.

We had so many fancy meals.

Some more golf.

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