Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yeah! Amy is here!

Not that I wasn't having fun without her, but I'm glad she's here. She needs this more than me. I went shopping a little in town, Oranjestad, before she arrived.

Amy's plane! So few planes coming in, you know when it's the one you are looking for.

The Queen.

Look at that smile!

We got back and took the boat over to the island. Everyone was excited to see her. Everyone seemed to know everything about her, my mom and I have big mouths, but she had no idea who anyone was. Here is our new friend Katie and her new friend.

Amy better watch her toes!

Another lousy day in paradise.

The flamingos are funny. They totally have personality.

They started pecking my head!

The happy couple.

With my parents on the boat.

We all ate dinner at the same Italian place as last night. It was a beautiful night to sit out. The food was great again. The big thing on this island are party buses.

The scene of the crime. Carlos 'n Charlies. I still hope Natalee Holloway is out there somewhere.

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