Monday, December 17, 2007

The Tree!

Saturday Amy and I went car shopping again. I don't think we are ever going to find one. We keep going back and forth over whether we should get a car or a truck. She used to have a Rav 4, hence her email address, Rav4amy, so we checked out the new one. She did like it but they were playing games with the prices again. Since we were in the Northeast, we picked up a Hesh's chocolate chip pound cake. I was on the phone when we walked in and Amy actually asked the person there and me what we should get?!? Is she crazy? There is only one thing to get there. Saturday night, we met Adam and Ellen, Rose and Randy and Jen and Scott at Jannies Chinese in Warrington.

Then back to Amy's to eat the...

Hesh's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake! We should have gotten a bigger one.

Jenny's usual position.

Sunday, Amy, her mom and Melissa and I went to see Enchanted. Someone asked me if I was too old to see it. I asked if I was too old to do most of the things I do?!? Then Amy's family and I went to Adam and Kasia's to decorate the tree. Here is Liana opening the present we got her.

I think Kasia made this.

Daddy's little girl.

Dinner was good.

Liana has a crush on Mark.



Amy and I. I'm wearing the jacket that Amy's mom and Melissa got me for Hanukah.

The Tree!

My girls.

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Jen said...

MMM, I love Hesh's chocolate chip cake. YUM! My fav!