Monday, December 31, 2007


Saturday was a nice day so Amy and I decided to go to NY for the day. We got a late start as the plumber working at Amy's house turned off the water and we couldn't take showers. Finally we made it to the train which was actually nice for a change. If you have ever been on the NJ Transit trains you will know how gross they usually are but this one was a brand new double decker. Very nice. Penn Station was packed.

We met Jason and Lisa at Pastis in Chelsea. It was the first time we saw Lisa with a belly. Very cute. Hip place. We had to wait an hour so we walked around and shopped.

That was some French Toast.

We walked through the CHelsea Market. It's where Food TV is headquartered and there are tons of great food shops.

Kind of hard to see, but here is Buddakan next door. No Buddah like the one in Philly but super fancy.

Got some killer cupcakes at Billys.

Sunday we had lunch at Jakes Eatery which for some reason Amy always call Flap Jakes. We looked at some houses. Still nothing too exciting. We had dinner with her aunt and family. Justin and Alex are enjoying their break from Penn State.

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