Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Renaissance Island

For some reason it was really hard for everyone to get up today. The beds were comfortable and we were up late last night. My dad put on a seminar at 10. He introduced my mother and I to everyone who didn't know us already. What a nice group of people.

Random shot of the lobby filled with our people.

We all finally got a chance to go to the private island. Here is the line for the boat inside the lobby.

Even mom didn't mind the ride.

The island is divided in half. There are no children allowed on one side. They had a restaurant, store and non-motorized water sports and lots of iguanas! This is for Jason B.


The "kids" side.

The coolest part of the adult side was the flock of wild flamingos! They walk right up to you and look you in the eye when you are sitting down. Bev was feeding them, of course. The flamingos and iguanas would fight over the food.

I also went snorkling and saw some huge fish! The pelicans loved those fish too!

Kevin and Ryan are our salesmen from Chicago. I met them last week in Orlando. Now I got to meet their wives Jen and Katie.

Mom and dad went to a fish place for dinner. Bev and I couldn't even stand the smell of the place to so we went off on our own. There is an Italian place out by the water so we ate there. Very good and the breeze felt great. It was a perfect night. I'm excited for Amy to come tomorrow. Everyone wants to meet her.

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