Friday, December 7, 2007

Palm Beach

We slept in. It was pretty dark as we went to breakfast. It's been dark in the morning but sunny later so we weren't worried. It started pouring. We weren't sure what to but everyone from the hotel kept assuring us it would be sunny. We cabbed over to Palm Beach which is where the resorts are. There is shopping there. We figured we would shop until it cleared.

You are never too far from home in Aruba.

The new shopping area. I bought a pelican statue.

They have all three food groups covered.

It started to clear so we headed to the beach. There were a ton of hotels close to each other and a walkway along the beach connected them all.

The Holiday Inn where Natalee Holloway stayed. It was sad to think of her having fun in the pool.

We sat in front of the Marriott time share resort. It was huge. I really don't get time shares.

We slept on the beach until we got kicked out.

In the lobby of the Holiday Inn.

We ate at the steak place again. Very good meal but we are getting tired of it there. Everyone was hanging out in the lobby. Some in our group bought musical instruments and whenever any of us walked by, they would play them, which was funny but probably annoyed the rest of the hotel.

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