Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Aden's First Rosh Hashana

I worked Monday and then came home to this!  It's getting harder to leave him every day!

Monday night, we had dinner with Amy's extended family at the Olympia Diner in Huntingdon Valley.  I know, first Maggios, then the Buck and now Olympia.  I'm scared for next year.  We did have a good time though.  I didn't take any pictures because the room was mirrored and the flash was reflecting everywhere.  All these people will be at Amy's house next week for Yom Kippur, so I will get some good pictures then.  Everyone enjoyed playing with Aden and talking.

Speaking of Aden, we got to eat brisket while he was still stuck with his yucky smelling formula!

Another bath!?!  Amy wants to give him a bath everyday.  He's starting to maybe like it a little.

Or not.  You trying to hit me?

Tuesday morning, Aden was enjoying some belly time.  

Amy and I took Aden to Beth Am for the baby service.  The older kids service was in the main sanctuary, but the kids 3 and under had their own in the new chapel.  Those of you who have been following since the wedding know that the synagogue was under construction at the time.  It was our first look at the partially finished new wing.  Very nice so far.  Rabbi Sernovitz, or just Larry to us, was great with the kids and had them all singing and dancing.

Aden liked the music.

Aden was especially excited to be hanging out with his new friend Sam.  Sam seems to have recovered well from his Bris a couple of weeks ago.  Becky is looking great too! Look at 10 weeks compared to 3 weeks.  Amazing.

Proud pappa!

My mom made her usual awesome dinner Tuesday night.  Corn bread stuffed cornish hens.  Mark had several!  I'm late to synagogue, so I have to run, I will add more commentary later....

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