Monday, October 6, 2008

Aden Meets the Boss

Saturday was a really big day for Aden.  He got to see Bruce Springsteen!  But first we went furniture shopping.

We went over to Karls because there was an extremely rare sale on Aden's furniture line.  Not that we have room for anything else but a deal is a deal.  Well, if you know us by now, you know that we didn't buy anything.

After a quick lunch, we wandered around the Fall Festival on 13th Street.

It was very crowded and we saw some people we knew.

We stopped at Bonte for a chocolate filled hot Belgian waffle.  

We then walked up to the Parkway to see Bruce Springsteen!  He was giving a free concert to encourage people to register to vote and also in support of Obama.  There were about 50,000 people in front of the stage, so we stood in the back.  

You can see him up on the stage.  He did a fairly long acoustic set.  

You can sort of see all the people.

I love this shot of him raising the guitar.

All the singing and dancing wore Aden out.  We probably shouldn't have allowed him to crowd surf, he really liked it!

Everyone leaving.

We stopped at a Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner.

We had left around 10 and got back around 8.  It was a long day but we all had fun.  It's so nice to live in the City and be able to do so much.  

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