Thursday, October 23, 2008


So, we bought a house.  Now what?  The place is empty and we don't have any furniture.  We are completely overwhelmed by all of this.  Should be a fun adventure though.  Thursday night Keith and Leslie met us for dinner at Villa di Roma before they went to the orchestra.  It was their first time there and they really loved it.  Aden really wants to try those meatballs.  The waitresses loved him and offered to babysit.  We might have to take them up on that.

The little bear wanted to be carried.

Amy had the camera on Wednesday so the rest of the pictures are hers.  This was taken at class. Aden was hanging out with his buddy.

They learned some new songs.  It's really cute.  Amy sings and he laughs.  He's probably laughing at Amy as she can never remember the words.

My day isn't over yet.

After class, Amy drove out to Jenkintown to spend the afternoon with Becky and Sam. They walked to the West Ave Grill for lunch.  Sam was awake but Aden took a nice long nap.  For those of you not following along, Becky is the our rabbi's wife.  They are a cute couple.   

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