Monday, October 6, 2008


I flew out Sunday morning and quickly arrived at Midway Airport.  The Southwest gates there were cool.  Big, comfy chairs with power outlets and free wi-fi.  Every airport should be like this.

They even have tables to eat, even though they are a bit small.

I had meetings after a quick trip downtown.

This was during the White Sox game last night.  The Sox were down 2 games to none but won this one to stay alive.

Dinner at Joe's was amazing.  That whole area of Chicago was neat.  Tons of cool places to go.

Flying back Monday morning.  Some good shots of the city.

You can see Soldier Field.

This was just west of Philly.  Some big farms.

I'm guessing a mine of some sort.


I'm now back at work.  Should have some good pictures of Aden to put up later.

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