Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adam and Ellen's Wedding

Amy, Melissa, Mark and I drove to the Marriott in Conshohocken.  Look how amazing (and thin) Amy looked!  Did she really just have a baby?  The wedding was called for 6:30.  We wandered downstairs at 6:30 figuring we had a half an hour or so to mingle and the ceremony was about to start!

I took a few pictures during the ceremony but it was really dark in there so they didn't come out that great.  I need a bigger flash!  The girls looked beautiful and the rabbi from Shir Ami did a great job.  I always get choked up during weddings especially for such a great couple as Adam and Ellen!

The cocktail hour was nice.  I got to reconnect with all the guys from the bachelor party. (a special shout out to Geoff!)  Between us, we knew a ton of people which always makes weddings more fun.  We started drinking a little too early.  I always peak at the wrong time.  How great a picture is this?  The girls look gorgeous! (Amy and Melissa)

Amy surrounded by some big guys. (Yeah Randy and Geoff, that means you!) This looks like an ad for something.

Melissa and Mark.  At first she made him take off his glasses for pictures, then she gave up.

My posse!

Let's get this party started!

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Segalow!

First dance was Amazed.

The cake.

The beautiful couple!  Hopefully they are nice and warm in Mexico!

Me and Mel.

The gorgeous bride Ellen!

The band was Milan 77 from Eddie Bruce.  They were amazing.  The were rocking the whole night playing everything from Disco to Beyonce.  I'm going to put up a video clip or two later.

Amy looks hot here!

The tables.

Carrie and Rose.  Rose just had twins.  Doesn't she look great!

The hotel had this thing against letting us do shots but we talked them into it!

Adam's sister Jen, who is due in June!  She was glowing!

Adam's thrilled parents.

Mark getting down with Milan 77.

Adam looked great in his velvet jacket!  As Rich would say, "A Brownie sandwich!"

The cake cutting. They were very nice to each other.  The cake ended up only in their mouths!


Some dancing action.  We did not stop dancing the whole night.  Great band and great crowd.


Many good times.

The party ended at 12.  Everyone wanted to meet at the bar but only after changing into their pj's!  Mel looked cute!

Ellen was comfy but still had the tiara!  We hung out and talked and watched the couple making out in the bar till about 2. (Adam wanted me to take a picture of the makeout couple, they were really into it, but there was no way I was doing that!)  Amy was handling her first night away from Aden well.  She did call her mom twice and he was fine.  We had talked about going home but we stayed and slept solidly till 9:30, which was awesome!

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