Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aden's First Christmas!

Thursday Amy went to the movies with her mother and sister to see Marley and Me.  It was daddy and Aden bonding time.  We went over to the Jewish Museum and met Jaime, Abby, Jordan, Amanda and Jared.  Aden is about a month older than Jared.  It was pretty crowded and they had lots of entertainment.  A juggler, a band, a puppet show and a science show.  They probably could have done better than the plain bagels and apple juice but we had a good time.

Christmas dinner was at Ben and Irvs.  Nobody wanted Chinese.  It was packed but Lenny and Mimi hooked us up with a table for 10.  

Jews everywhere!

We had a nice dinner but nobody had ham.

The line was out the door!

We went back to Amy's house for dessert.  Grandpa loves to hold Aden.

Great Bubbie or Super Bubbie, whatever she is, really loves to play with Aden.

Getting ready for bed.

Aden loves his new alligator.

Friday we met Teri for lunch at Jake's.  She was excited to see Aden again.  She's also a big fan of this blog!  Hey Teri!

We headed over to Jeanne's house and Arlene and Susan were there.  With Amy's mom and Teri it was all teachers!

Aden was introduced to Tickle Me Elmo.  I will post a video later.  At first he was curious, then a bit scared, then he seemed to like him.  It was very cute.

Jeanne's son Sean was in from Boston with his wife Whitney and son Cian.  They are a really cute family.  We had fun hanging out, talking and playing.

Aden was splashing around in the tub.  I think he finally likes the bath.

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