Thursday, December 4, 2008

Music Class

Today is Aden's first day of music class.  It's actually just three classes for holiday music but it should be fun.  Amy also signed up for a regular music class in willow Grove starting in January.  She's also continuing the class she and Aden have been taking in town, so before we move and after we move, she is going to have a commute at least one day a week.  Aden got up at 2:30 last night.  I think he was nervous about school!

Aden loves his Charlie Rocket clothes.

Where was I looking?  At least Aden Chloe and the octopus looked cute.

We went to Lambertis for dinner.  We may be getting to the point where it's not as easy to take Aden to restaurants.  He gets upset if he is not being entertained.

Bath night.  We actually got a smile this time!

Good night buddy!

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