Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So we still haven't taken the official five month pictures.  Here are some of the practice shots. Where is time going?

Dana and Lev got him the skull shirt.  Amy wasn't so sure but I think it's cool.

Yesterday we met Jason for lunch.  Aden really gets a kick out of him.  We are friends from high school.  He's the one with the twins.  We still don't know how they do it.

We walked down South Street to go to the gym and passed by a Mario Brothers mural!  It's exactly what I want for Aden.  Amy is not so sure.

Aden had a good time at the gym as usual.  I was actually working out and Howard called.  I took the call because I had to ask him something quick.  Amy was across the gym and overheard someone saying not nice things about me being on the phone at the gym.  It was literally 2 minutes.  Jeez.  Get a life buddy.  If you are going to complain about anything how about the fact I'm dragging my baby around!

Getting ready for the Eagles game.

I want to take Aden to a game but Amy won't let me.  Says he's too young.  You are never too young to be an Eagles fan!

I'm getting Aden ready to go to a game eventually by letting him sit on stadium seats. It's a shame he never got to experience the Vet.  

Amy tried again with the peas.

I think Aden's feeling on the subject were pretty clear!

Go Eagles!!!

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