Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Fox and the Granite (Not a Nursery Rhyme)

It's Thursday morning and I'm barely awake as the poor baby was up all night last night.  He had such trouble breathing.  Amy took him to the doctor yesterday and they said it was viral and there was really not much we could do about it.  It's horrible feeling so helpless.  Now we know how our parent's feel when we are sick.  Aden weighed 16.5 and was 26.5 long.  

I went to the house for the installation of the granite and got a surprise in the backyard!   There go Amy's plans for a small dog! (yes, that's squirrel in it's mouth)

Kitchen before. 

Those were some heavy pieces.

What a difference.  I'm already forgetting about the green laminate top that was there.

The brick fireplace is gone!  I wasn't expecting that so soon.  They ordered the stone to build the new one.

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