Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jump Aden Jump!!!

Friday night Aden did a little dancing before dinner.  I will post the videos of this later.

He was watching the nursery rhyme videos on Comcast On Demand.  It's nice that they have that.  Aden really enjoys them.

How sweet.  Mommy's little boy.

We walked over to Mixto for dinner.

I don't know if Aden was into the Cuban food or not. 

It was a cold night.  He doesn't seem to mind being bundled up as much.

A bath before bed.  He made his first smile during a bath.  I tried to catch it but I was a little late.  I'm not sure what this face means.

Saturday we tried Aden's jumper.  It hangs from the door.  It seems sturdy enough.  He might be a little young for it but he seemed to like it.  He even bounced himself a little.  I will post videos of this later too.

Don't mind the closet.  It's where we throw all the extra stuff.

Amy and I decided to do a little shopping.  We went to the Willow Grove Mall and look who we ran into!  

So Melissa is sitting with Aden on the bed and spits up all over the bedding!  There was a woman looking at the time but didn't seem to notice.  We weren't sure what to do.  I told Amy to casually sit down next to it and try and wipe it up a little.  We left a bit of a stain.  Oh well.

You know, my name won't come up in any Google searches for the blog because I never say my name, so I'm going to throw it in every now and then, I'm not just a freak that talks about myself in the 3rd person.  So, Jerry and Amy really needed to get linens for our master bedroom because they will determine the paint colors for the upstairs.  We have been looking for months and even bought a returned a couple of sets.  At Bloomingdales, we finally found something we liked!  It's by Waterford, the crystal people, who knew they made bedding.  I texted Debbie pictures and she said buy it! So we did!  We then headed to Ben and Irv's for dinner.

He seemed to like the rye bread.

Sunday morning, we woke up to snow and to this!

Morning cutey!

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