Monday, December 15, 2008


Sunday morning Naked Boy was back!

We met Adam and Ellen at Ben and Irv's for breakfast.  They bought Aden his first Hanukkah gift!  We have noticed the last few days that Aden is fascinated by wrapped presents.  As soon as he saw his, that's all he could concentrate on.

Even here we couldn't get him to look away from it.  Leaning early.  So Adam and Ellen's wedding is this Saturday!  Crazy.  We can't wait.  It's going to be a lot of fun.  

We dropped Aden off at my parent's so they could watch him while we ran errands.  

They were pretty psyched to have him for a few hours.  Amy and I went shopping of course.  We were able to find some Summer stuff for Aden for Florida.  

We then went to dinner at the Churchville Inn.  Aden missed the whole dinner!

Amy decided to give Aden some peas.  So far he has loved the rice cereal, the sweet potatoes and the bananas but this wasn't to be the case with the peas.  I missed it but he gave such a sad face when they hit his mouth.  It was very funny.

She kept trying.

But eventually gave up.  No peas for Aden!

The next two hours were spent putting together Aden's ExerSaucer.  Could they make these things any more complicated?  It was really cute though.  Aden was asleep by the time I finished so of course we had to wake him to try it.

He really loved it!  He tried to look at everything at the same time.

He's just big enough.  His toes are just touching the bottom.

He was at this for a while.

Jenny wanted to play  with the ExerSaucer too!

OK, maybe he had enough.  Time for bed!

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