Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poor Baby

Despite our best efforts to keep Amy's cooties away from Aden, he is now pretty sick.  I got home from work and he was asleep in his infant car seat.  We heard it's better to keep them as vertical as possible when they are stuffed.  He did go to music class Tuesday and had fun but thankfully he also slept a lot.

In spite of being stuffed and coughing, Aden was still in a really good mood.  

We hope that means he doesn't feel too bad.  

He slept in our room in the car seat last night.  He was asleep when I took a shower so I brought him in with me to get a little steam.

The doctor's office won't see him.  They said it's a waste of time.  They aren't going to give him any medicine and they can give advice over the phone.  That's pretty upsetting.  It's the first time he's sick so it would be nice to see the doctor.  Later on we could probably handle it ourselves.

Any thoughts, help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What's a good humidifier?

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