Friday, December 12, 2008

Playstation Home

So I ended up going home early to relieve Amy of Aden so she could sleep.  It was good timing as Playstation Home went live Thursday afternoon.  It has been 2 years in the making.  It's a virtual world on the PS3 where you can interact with other people and play games, listen to music and watch movies.  You get an apartment, which you can decorate.  There are real stores in which to shop.  There is even a Ligne Roset store in Home with the same sofa I want for my house!  OK, I've bored you enough, back to Aden.  Amy has been very careful to keep washing her and Aden's hands.  He hasn't gotten sick yet and we are hoping it stays that way.

Yesterday was real estate day.  We had a presentation from Buy Owner, then met with and talked to 4 agents and 1 rental management company.  Just looking at all of our options.  Turns out the consensus is that the interests rates will drop when Obama takes office and there will be a brief spell of frenzied buying from all the pent up demand from the last few months.  So selling in January or February may work out well.

Aden sucks his fingers even while getting a bath!

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