Monday, August 19, 2013

Ariel on the Sand

Ariel did not sleep another Friday night.  Still not sure why.  We were outside before 6.
 Something doesn't belong here.
 Dave, Danielle and Jamie joined us for the day.  Here is a rare sight.  Ariel is standing on the beach!

 She walked over to the rocks.  It was the first time she walked on sand.

 Cutie pie.
 Amy and Danielle.

 Jamie got big. 
 For some reason they worked hard at covering the rocks with sand.

 Let's eat!
 Batter up!
 Jamie's mind was blown!
 Lots of new games to play.
 Then we headed to the pool.
 We were shocked to see Ariel just jump into the pool.  We really have to keep an eye on her.

 She was kicking and swimming around,
 Good throw Amy!
 My first time on the slide!
 Aden's a pro.

 Come in Burghy!

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