Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's a...

It's only 7 on Tuesday.  I'm doing this super early with the hopes that I will actually get a good nights sleep.  I'm sadly working on my laptop as my computer is at the Apple Store.  They couldn't get the hard drive to respond so they are going to replace it.  I'm not sure what that means for my 80,000 pictures.  I do have backups but I worry it won't be the same.  

Sunday morning we had Melissa and Mark's Gender Reveal Party.  Basically, they had the 20 week ultrasound last Monday, found out the sex and made the rest of us wait until Sunday to find out!  Lauren came over to help set up.
The box was already filled with balloons.  Were they blue or pink?
The kids wanted to help also.

Everyone had to pick a lei to wear based on their choice.
Aden chose blue.
Some Limoncello direct from Italy.  Yum.
Lauren and I.
Boy or Girl?
She's starting to show a bit.  This is the first time she's allowed me to mention the pregnancy.  She's around 20 weeks.  Halfway there! 
Ariel was rooting for a girl to be her best friend.  If it is a girl, she would be the same season as Ariel so we can finally get rid of all the girl's clothes we have piled up!
Rich and Lauren are getting married Saturday!
Ok, it's time!
Here they are, the pink balloons!!!

Lauren and Melissa made cupcakes.  The pink ones had Oreos in them.  That might have been a tip off!
I'm excited to be an uncle.  This will be the first time we can play with a new baby then just leave when she cries!  Just kidding.  It will be fun to help out.
We ate the cupcakes for days.
Jackson and Brie came to visit.
Ariel is going to be a great little mommy to the little baby.
The fam.
With the boys.
This bear sings and dances.  
Cooper is excited too.

Here's the proof!

Instead of balloons, they could have just stuck one of our kids in there!
It was a beautiful day and we all had fun finding out about our baby niece.

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