Monday, August 5, 2013

Nice Porch

It's late Sunday night.  We are back home.  Aden is asleep.  Ariel is screaming in her crib.  We think it's a combination of her being over tired from a crazy weekend which I will get too and the fact she ended up sleeping with us last night and probably wants to try that again. (I started this a while ago, had to leave to help Amy with Ariel who is still screaming at 12:15 am!)

Friday, we made it to the Shore pretty quickly and met everyone at Lamberti's.
 Crowded all the sudden.
 Aden picked out a toy for Burghy.
 Cooper wanted to change channels.
 Chillin' out Saturday morning.

 She insists on dressing herself.  It doesn't alway go so well.

 The weather wasn't great.  We played some games.
 Then we walked over to my parent's house to relax on the porch.

 A little too relaxed I think.

 We did eventually make it into the pool...

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