Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

It's a peaceful Thursday night.  Both kids are asleep in their beds and we are watching Project Runway.  I am wearing my t-shirt with a picture of Tim Gunn that says "Make it work!"  We had a nice evening celebrating Ariel's friend Sammy's 2nd birthday.  

Melissa's friend Stef came to visit and talk babies.  She's about 3 weeks behind Melissa!  

 We wandered around the neighborhood but no one was around.
 My cousin Carol came to visit from Florida so we had a cousins lunch.  My grandmother and her sister are Carol's aunts.  
Not much to say except it's great get together with the extended family and we should do it more often.

 The rest of some of Beverly's pictures.

Tonight, we met Sammy and his family at a playground.  Of course the ice cream man had to come by right before we left for dinner.

 Ariel and Sammy.
 The birthday boy!

 We went to Tony's in Ivyland for dinner.  We ate inside but look who we found outside!  The kids kept running from us to them and back.
 Make a wish!
 Ariel cheered for her buddy.

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