Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Tough Camera

We just came back from synagogue.  It was pizza in the Sukkah for Sukkot.  Ali, Todd and Sammy joined us.  it was a nice night.  I will post those pics tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 20 week ultrasound.  Wish us luck!

This was Jaxson's party at the Zebra Striped Whale.  I was at the Eagles game so these are Amy's pictures.  Ariel and Sammy.
They did crafts before eating ice cream.
 They probably should have given a little more direction.  Most of the kids glued their gems right on the chalkboards instead of around the edges.

Even Aden got in on the action.

 A little dancing.
 Before swim class, Ariel and her friends wanted to play a little basketball.  That' Jackie, Nicky's mom.  That baby is coming soon!

 I got a new underwater camera.  I think these came out way better than the old one.  
 Nicky is flying!
 Always love to see that smile during swim.
 There's Mrs. Tracy.  She has 4 kids and has lots of sympathy for us!

 It's starting to get cold out.  Going to swim early Sunday is going to get harder.
 Ariel and Nicky and their matching floats.

 Too many kids on the boat!
 One big jump and we are out of there.

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