Thursday, October 23, 2014

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Somehow it's Thursday night.  It was a miserable couple of days but it's supposed to be really nice over the weekend so hopefully we will get out and have some fun!

It was a little foggy earlier in the week.
 Can't see Aden's school.

Here comes the sun!
 Our first nighttime soccer practice.
 It was cold but the boys had a lot of fun running around.

 Hard to believe there are only 3 soccer games left in the season.  Aden is so used to being with his friends, maybe we can all find a winter sport, baseball is so far off!
 Amy's dad and Mark moved the beer store across the street.  I found these gems on opening day!

 Aden wrote this about my mom's birthday dinner.
It all sounds out if you go slowly.

Taking a drive with baby.
 Let's walk over and pick up Aden!
 There he is!
 Ariel was excited to bring in the cupcakes Bubbie made for Halloween.
 My mom is very talented!
 Feeding the twins.
 Ariel is going to get Amy's old furniture.  We went to see it and measure it.
 Any thoughts on what we should paint the walls?
 Ariel could not get enough of jumping on the bed!

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