Thursday, October 2, 2014

We Are Twin Oaks, Mighty Mighty Twin Oaks

It's somehow Thursday night.  We just had soccer practice in the dark.  We may have to move those earlier.  Yom Kippur is coming up this weekend.  That's a tough holiday.  We will go to services in the morning Saturday then have a low key day after that.  Eagles on Sunday.  They better be getting back on track.  Speaking of the Eagles, last Sunday afternoon, during the game, we had Sammy's birthday party in Cherry Hill.  A couple of the guys and I kept running into the house to watch the game.
 Ariel and Janie, Sammy's cousin, are 1 week apart in age!

 Sammy's camp counselors were there running games with the kids.
 Ariel preferred just to swing.

 Aden saw this table and thought only 2 kids could be invited to the party as there were only 2 chairs.
 Standing on the hot tub.

 Aden made some friends.
 Finally time to sing to Sammy.
 Did I mention Aden talked a girl in school into tying his shoes daily?  Well, I guess that's over, he can now tie his own shoes!
 Ariel wanted to carry her bedding.
 See ya!
 If you look hard, you can see Aden walking from my car into school.  I still get so filled with mixed emotions.  I'm nervous but proud.  He looks so small with that backpack on his back.
 I had lunch with Aden and the waitress told us about this couple that's leaving.  He is 105 and she is 98.  They have been married for 72 years!  They come in every Wednesday for lunch!  So cute.
 Aden checking out a new bakery.
 Then we passed by my old day camp, Twin Oaks.  It's now a township park but a lot of it is still there.  
 I was excited to show it to Aden.

 The cafeteria.
 Such memories.

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