Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stop, Drop and Roll

So I'm watching the Eagles game from home.  Decided not to go. Turned out to be a great game but just too late for me to be out there.  Finally, they are playing strong the whole time.  No half game collapses.  

Ariel practicing for the twins.  We were leaving so she packed a bag for each one, put them in strollers then asked me to push one of the strollers.  I think she's more prepared than we are.
Ready for Winter.
Annual fire house open house.  We met Jack there.
 It's always fun climbing around fire trucks.

 Let's put out a fire!

 Or just a cardboard fire.
 Ariel's turn.

 This time it was a real fire.

 So that's what comes out of a fire extinguisher.

 The kids ran up and down this hill many times.
 Stop, drop and roll.
 Good night Jack!  It's not like they don't see each othe 

I went to see Neil Young play at the Academy of Music.  Great acoustics but horribly uncomfortable 1800's seats!  Very mellow evening.  There were several guitars and pianos strewn around the stage.  Neil would just wander around, pick something up and just play whatever struck him.  Maybe I will put up some videos I took later.

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