Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brother From Another Mother

I know what you are saying, you are so excited for 27 soccer pictures.  Well look on the bright side.  Only 2 more games and nothing planned after.  

On the way to soccer we passed by Southampton Day Camp.  Aden got really sad. He can't wait for summer!
It took forever but Ariel really likes Jake's sister Lilly.


 What are you so tired from?

 He calls Jake his brother from another mother!
 Most of the games have been warm and sunny so far.  Picnic anyone?  Of course this Saturday's forecast is for 40's and rain!
 Eva and grandmom cheered for Aden.

Game time.
 Aden listened.  He's staying close to a guy on the other team.
 Action shots.

 Caught in the net like a fish!

 Good game!
 Hanging with Jake.  Wow, we are still on Saturday afternoon for pics and it's Weds already.  I still have Sesame Place, swim pumpkin picking and all this weeks school activities.  I guess that's good because we don't have much planned for this weekend.  I can drag them out!

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