Sunday, October 19, 2014

2 Boys!!!

In case you haven't heard...2 boys!!!
Here are some outtakes.

 So, another weekend passed without going pumpkin picking.  Saturday was nice but we had soccer right in the middle of the day.  We were supposed to go Sunday but it was freezing!  Maybe next weekend.  So now that we know it's 2 boys, we need to come up with some names.  Aden made this list at school all by himself and brought it home.  I know it looks crazy but he did was he was taught, to sound out the words.  Names are really tough anyway.  If you need some help we have:

2) Ryab
3) Andrew
4) Jacob
5) even Aden does not know
6) Joey
7) Benji
 Ariel's class is having 2 weeks of Halloween treats.  
 These look good.  Ariel's turn is this coming Wednesday.

 All the kids love those crazy cars.  She ran as soon as she saw me.
 Her hair looks so much better up.  Why does she fight it?
 This was in her class.
 Ariel always does her chores.
 Taking her twins to dinner.  Is this how we are supposed to carry them?
 Grandparents helping Ariel with her giant slice of pizza.
 More classroom fun.  Again, I'm probably going to have to stretch out the weekend pictures all week.  We don't have many plans.

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