Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fresh Gluten Free Pasta

It's Sunday night and the Eagles failed yet again to give a game away!  I guess that's a nice way of saying they didn't deserve to win.  I was there and don't know how much more of this my heart can take!

I took very few pictures this weekend.  Saturday we had Yom Kippur services in the morning then because I was so weak from fasting, I slept all day.  So, I'm going to have to drag out what I have or actually take some new ones during the week!

Here are some shots out my back door.  I thought the lighting was neat.

 Soccer practice Thursday.
 I love that he's smiling out there.

It got dark fast.

 While we were at practice, Amy took Ariel to her school for book and ice cream night.
 Friday, Mrs. Maria gave Ariel a Lalaloopsy doll because she's been pooping on the potty!  Almost there!
 So, I just realized in 4 years, I have never discussed Aden's Celiac Disease.  He was diagnosed on his second birthday after 6 months of bad GI issues.  He has been gluten free ever since and is doing well.  As you may know, my sister was recently diagnosed also, so I'm worried my days are numbered.  Anyway, recently I invested in a Kickstarter from a famous New York Chef Mark Ladner.  He's partners with Mario Batali.  Anyway, he wants to start a chain a gluten free pasta stands and is touring around giving speeches and samples.  I went to his presentation at Drexel University.  That's him in the white.
 The idea is to serve a fresh made pasta bowl in under 3 minutes for about $10.
 The guy in green is famous Philly Chef Marc Vetri.  He recently wrote an article saying he's tired of people asking for gluten free foods and it got a lot of press.  He explained to us he was just trying to get a dialog going.  He actually thinks all our modern day food issues come from the way the food is processed.  

 Of course I had to stop at the original Insomnia Cookie stand at the University of Pennsylvania.  Good thing I'm not gluten free yet.

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