Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lots of Company

It's Sunday night.  What a weekend it's been.  May the nurse left us on Saturday so last night was crazy.  We had it really great the last 2 weeks which made her leaving so much harder.  We were basically up all night.  They are the slowest eaters and weren't falling back asleep.  For some reason Ariel also had trouble sleeping so that didn't help.  Today was fun though.  We took everyone to Shir Ami for the Purim carnival.  It was the first family outing for everyone.  And there was a snow storm!  Everyone was excited to see the babies who thankfully slept the whole time.  I will post those pics soon.  Let's go back and finish last weekend.

Sunday we had a few visitors.  First Melissa, Andrew, Brody and Sophie .

 Then Jason, Carter and Sloane stopped by.

Brittany the babysitter is cousins with Carter and Sloane so she stopped by.
 All the kids.
 We really have to learn this double feeding.
 Monday morning, I got to hold a baby!
 Ariel and Dylan.

 The boys chilled before they had company.
Ali came over with Nathan.  He's only 2 months old but look at the difference in size!

Cuddles at night.

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