Monday, November 9, 2015

Big Kick

It's Monday night.  How could it have been a bad day?  The Eagles finally beat the Cowboys last night in overtime!  Speaking of last night, we let Noah cry it out in our room, after the game of course, and he eventually fell asleep.  I guess that's the plan for the time being.  These are from the first few days of last week.  

This is usually what I see when I leave for work.  
Music class!
The boys love it.

Christian is messing around with Anthony and Noah.
Not sure Eli knows to what to make of Ms. Marilyn.  

Amy takes Ariel to dance so I never get to see her.  Here is a taste of Aden.

Ben came to play on election day.  The boys had off.
Then we had soccer practice in the dark.
Then back to our house.  Aden can never get enough of Ben!
Some shots of the boys.

They are wearing a lot of Aden's old clothes.
 They want to meet Adam W.
 What's that look?
 Hey Boys!

 They like to wrestle.
 Back to karate.
They were pretending to be frogs for some reason.
 Big kick!

Todd was able to make it for...
Sammy's belt ceremony.  
Ariel's is this week.

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