Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wacky Science

Somehow it's Thursday night again.  Last night wasn't so great. Noah got up and wanted to eat around 3am.  Oh well.  Tonight was fun though.  I met the Shir Ami Men's Club at TNT Amusements to play classic arcade games and pinball machines. Yes, I went out for the 3rd Thursday in a row without Amy.  She's thankfully was very cool about it.  We have to get out when we can!  This is a long post but I'm going to finish off last weekend.  

On Sunday, I picked up Aden early from Hebrew school and took him to Skyzone for our neighbor Winston's party.  Aden had never been there and was excited.  It was even better that his buddies Ben and Jason were there.
 It was a cool place.  I had never been there either.  
 Trampolines everywhere.
 We know people that have gotten hurt here.  Ugh.
The boys tried everything.
That's Aden's butt going into the foam pit.
 Ben's turn.

The party rooms were up above.  Got a good view of the place.

 Happy Birthday Winston!
 While we were there, Amy and her mom took Ariel and the babies to the park next door.

Then I took Aden to a wacky science class in Newtown with his buddy Brandon.
These are out of order but they did several cool experiments.

 The teacher was a bit quirky.

While we were there, Ariel played with Ashley.
 Before dinner we bathed the babies.
 We met my family at La Stalla.
 Eli took pasta and ate it when we weren't paying attention!

 Yes, she dresses herself for bed.
 We watched the Eagles game till like 1am.  Noah joined us around midnight.  At least he got to watch a fun game.  Have a great weekend!

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