Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eva's Cookies

Wow.  Thursday night again.  One week away from Thanksgiving. How did that happen?  Also, Ariel's birthday.  Going to be an exciting time!  Let's finish off last weekend.  

Playdate for Noah, Eli and Nate.
Nate's birthday is coming soon!
He is standing!  My boys aren't there yet.
 Uncle Todd is fun.
 The kids packed their bags to go away together!
 Look at the concentration.

 Thanks aunt Ali!
 Chilling out in the morning.

We took a walk with Ariella from across the street during half time of the Eagles game.

Turns out there was no rush to go back for the game.
Eva wanted to play Ring Around the Rosie.

 It was time for Eva to do her Breezy Point Thanksgiving project.

 Uncle Mark kept the babies busy.
 The girls made quite a mess.

 I want all the cookies!  Have a great weekend!

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