Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rude Family

It's the Sunday night of a pretty quiet weekend.  So quiet that I'm going to have to stretch out the pictures a bit.  Sleep has not been going well for Noah, but he did start crawling!  That's cool but totally scary.  Eli is rolling around a bit.  We saw Nate last night and at 11 months, he is standing!  The boys still aren't eating a lot but they are willing to try almost everything.  They had beans and cheese among other things for the first time.  Alright, back to last week.

Morning Eli!
Music class!  Noah was grooving!

 Everything right in the mouth.

 Dance Anthony!
 Ms. Marilyn is gonna get you!

 Hey, take that out of your mouth.

 So I can put it in mine!

 These are Aden's old clothes.

 I love you brother!
 Hey boys!  It's cousin Eva!
 Ariel showing us her plie!
 Aden's class was later that night.

This family drives me crazy every week.  The kids spread themselves across the main bench and the mom sits on the other and talks on the phone. Where am I supposed to sit?

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