Monday, November 16, 2015

How Much Can We Get For Him?

It's only 9 pm Monday but I'm ready to pass out so quick post. 

Here is Amy trying to return Noah at Nordstroms without a receipt. They only offered her the sale price back so we decided just to keep him.
 Was that funny Eli?
I cooked dinner for Melissa and family.

 Yummy.  Never thought my new favorite food would be brussel sprouts.
 Ariel practicing her A's.
 She's been writing her name on school work.
 Eva is getting big!
 Aunt Melissa always has cool apps to play with.

Aden trying to get Noah in his sleep sack.

This is the morning.  Eli looking up and smiling.
 Noah sitting up.
 Me carrying the babies to our room for milk.
 Hey, that's Nate.

 Good night.  I will have a longer post tomorrow!

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