Sunday, November 8, 2015

Too Much Candy

It's way too late Sunday night.  This weekend was pretty busy and I am exhausted.  We are watching the Eagles-Dallas game.  Dallas just tied it up in the 4th.  We had to stop the game because Noah got up.  Still can't figure out why he won't sleep. Where is that night nurse?  So because of all that, you are getting a short post.  These are still from last Sunday.

The morning after Halloween.  The boys were up early.
We had a lazy morning.  Just hung around the house.
Eventually, we went for a walk.  Both the babies were wearing Aden jackets.
Up to the school.
 Cool Ariel.

 Someone had a lot of energy from all that candy!

 Checking out the new playground.
 What is the password?
 I'm king of the world!
 They look tough.
 We stopped by my parents so they could see the kids.  The babies fight over toys now.
 Grandpop helped Ariel build.
 Nice job!
 Then dinner at Amy's parent's house.
 Mark and his women.
Gandma cuddling with some of the boys.

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